Garden construction

The options to build gardens are numerous and we strive to articulate them with the urban landscape to create a visual balance. The choice of type of landscape will necessarily influence the division of the areas themselves and the type of plants and decorations selected.

All projects are idealised by a team of experienced landscape architects and can be applied to small spaces, such as terraces and verandas, as well as gardens with larger dimensions or various public places.

These jobs may integrate vertical gardens, rock gardens, low maintenance gardens, various styles (oriental, contemporary, mediterranean…), grass (artificial, lawn turf, torpedo grass or grass seed) or meadow (sown or applied with hydro-sowing technique), artificial plants, flower beds and pots, water elements and/or garden structures (pergolas, fences, palisades and/or decks).

Beyond these solutions, we also provide tree felling and pruning services, as well as transplant and transportation of large trees.

Vertical gardens

Vertical gardens are an excellent option worth considering to create a pleasant environment in verandas, walls, facades and terraces when the space, indoors and outdoors, is reduced.

Choosing these gardens also contributes to the urban balance, making temperatures in buildings more pleasant — by increasing humidity, creating welcoming and cool environments, thus decreasing energy consumption and increasing the quality of the air —, and with greater thermal insulation.

Should you pick this solution, an evaluation of the conditions of the place where the vertical garden is going to be implemented must be carried out during a first stage to understand the solidity of the wall (as it will support the weight of the structure, plants and irrigation system), dimension, type of solar exposure and surrounding landscape.

Once these points are considered, what follows is the actual selection of the plants, taking into account the temperature (climate, sun and wind) and the volume that the space will take, preferably covering the structure that supports the full plant panel and the integrated automated irrigation system.

For these gardens perennial species with a pendent nature and of different colours and textures are advisable, thus conveying a unique visual effect. Should you not wish for a natural vertical garden, we can always use quality artificial flowers. This way the choice is made based on preference, available time, and the type of space where the vertical garden will be inserted.

Rock Gardens

A different garden with a bolder design is always an interesting proposition for any public or private green space. Rock gardens, for example, are ideal alternative solutions both for creating seemingly natural landscapes integrated with the surrounding areas, as well as for sloped areas where there is no water and for sloped terrains with weak stability, in which the correct fixation and support of soils must be ensured to prevent landslides.

As such, rock gardens usually consist of indigenous plants, as well as diverse types of rocks (round pebbles, shingles, stones, pebbles of various colours…), bark of pine trees, sand and tree trunks.

Besides not looking like they were built by man, these gardens also have the advantage of reducing maintenance costs, since the plants and trees usually used do not need large quantities of water.

If you wish to have a low maintenance garden you can choose this solution with gravel and shingle. Already considered a trend, for small and large spaces, these types of gardens may include materials such as gravel, sand, shingle, stones, crushed stone and plants such as cacti or grasses with low water requirements. Of these product combinations, colours and shapes, result spaces which are simple, functional, comfortable and pleasant.

Terraced gardens

The construction of terraced gardens is an increasingly employed solution, especially in large cities, where people miss the closeness of green areas, where they can read, listen to music, chat, or simply rest or sun bathe.

Sograma creates the most diverse projects for terraced gardens. These may integrate the application of natural or synthetic grass, decks, pergolas, flower beds, fountains, among other elements, depending on the desired result.

The options are infinite, therefore our team of landscape architects, through the consultancy service, build a custom project according to your preferences and personality.


Grass has a leading role in any garden. When looking to create a natural green space, we have three solutions in terms of types of grass: lawn turf (just needs to be laid out for an immediate effect), torpedo grass (takes longer to grow but does not require much maintenance), and grass seed (most affordable solution, however growth is slower).

You may also choose artificial grass of various types, representing excellent value for money, having an immediate effect and with reduced maintenance costs.

Sograma turns every garden into a unique space adapted to its functionality. Our technicians not only guarantee an effective application of the grass but also adequate irrigation systems and a personalised maintenance plan.

This maintenance plan for lawns is drawn respecting the environment, through the early identification of diseases and using sustainable cultural practices, thus ensuring that your garden is always looking its best.

Flower beds and pots

If you wish to add more colour and create natural environments in your home or office, then flower beds and pots are ideal to decorate verandas and terraces, as well as embellish a garden, a corner of the pool, or any indoor and outdoor space.

Whatever the desired model, Sograma builds and supplies all kinds of flowerbeds and pots, in several sizes, colours, shapes and materials, like PVC, metal, Corten steel, wood, asbestos cement and terracotta.

As well as this type of service, our professionals can also recommend the plants (natural or artificial) that best fit a given space, pot and/or flower bed.

Artificial plants

Artificial plants are great alternatives to natural ones, especially for those with little time, since maintenance is reduced. Sograma provides a huge variety of quality artificial plants (cacti, ferns, boxes, ivy, palm trees, flower plants…), so that the client may easily match the decoration of the home. These types of plants may also be used in vertical gardens, in this case, also with greatly reduced maintenance.

Garden structures

Sograma sells all types of garden structures, such as deck floors, pergolas, wood palisades, fences, urban furniture, outdoor lights and even water elements.

These types of structures help create different atmospheres in the garden as well as support terrains or simply to separate different areas.