Garden maintenance

After building your garden it is essential to ensure an adequate maintenance. Sograma provides a garden maintenance service in order for your garden to always look well-kept and healthy.

For that our teams take responsibility for the overall cleaning of the gardens; for pest control, diseases and weeds; for composting and fertilisations; for lawn and meadow maintenance; hoeing and weeding of flowerbeds; pruning of trees and shrubs, as well as felling and trimming; for maintenance of automated irrigation systems, urban furniture and playgrounds.

These services, always in accordance with safety rules, are valid for private entities, condominiums, resorts, hotels, business parks, public gardens, among other places.

Maintenance of private gardens

Throughout time, a correct maintenance of private gardens — residential or condominiums — is fundamental for your green space to have a well-kept appearance.

As such, Sograma ensures weekly maintenances, which include experienced professionals and all the materials required to take care of lawns, hedges, trees, plants, fences, among others.

Maintenance of public gardens

The maintenance of public gardens is essential as they are spaces attended by many people and are subject to daily violent aggressions (climate, pollution, trampling by animals and people…).

Should you wish to order our services, Sograma’s technicians will evaluate the conditions and maintenance requirements of every green space, always in accordance with the species of plants, type of lawn and usage of the garden. As such, our professionals ensure all types of pruning, cleaning, thinning, elimination of undesirable weeds, lawn cutting and control of diseases.

The maintenance of public gardens applies to schools, courts, institutions, municipal gardens, hospitals and health centres, parks and green spaces, among other communal spaces.

Tree pruning

Tree and plant pruning is not an essential task. However, by choosing this technique, if well applied, you are enabling the surge of new fruits, flowers and leaves, as well as simultaneously preventing diseases.

The time of the year in which the pruning is done is crucial to its success, as not to harm the flowering period and to correctly stimulate the growth of the tree.

Thus, Sograma provides the services of maintenance pruning and adaptation pruning. The first is related to large trees and cleaning dead branches, to keep air flowing around the tree without the risk of dry branches falling. The adaptation pruning is justified whenever there is a coexistence with buildings, houses, roads and accesses, electric cables or other trees.

Tree felling

Sograma offers its clients the service of tree and palm tree felling. Regardless of the quantity, dimension and species to be removed, our professionals carry out the job quickly and safely, both in private or public spaces.

Large tree transplant and transport

Tree transplant is always a delicate process, as the trees may not always be in a condition to adapt to a new habitat. Our professionals always evaluate the health and age of a tree, as well as take care of all the necessary procedures to guarantee their survival.

Another aspect that must be considered when doing a transplant is the time of the year, since depending on the type of tree, this factor may be decisive to the success of the entire process.

Beyond the transplant, Sograma also ensures an effective transport of large trees. We have the appropriate means to do so and carry .