If you are considering a new green space, be it public or private, Sograma will assist you in every step of the process.

In terms of consultancy, our architects are available to find the best solutions for your needs, always according to terrain morphology, dimension, climate, available budget and the underlying objective of the place under intervention.
If your project requires a construction license our professionals also take care of all required bureaucracy.

Projects and Consultancy

If you need a project to build a green space, Sograma provides a team of landscape architects for the consultancy and execution, with the purpose of finding the best solutions for every garden.

During a first stage, a meeting with the client is booked to discuss the objectives of the intervention, the budget available and deadlines for the job. Following that, the professionals carry out a preliminary study of the location — this includes an analysis of the terrain’s morphology, soil and solar exposure — and maintenance requirements.

Finally, our professionals will present the proposal, through a general plan and/or photomontage and 3D illustrations. In order for the plan to be fully understood, this global approach includes plans of plantations, pavements and irrigation.

During this stage budgets and timeframes are also presented. This first proposal, based on the client’s feedback, can be altered to meet expectations, both in terms of design as well as budget.

Licensing Projects

With specialist technicians and professionals, Sograma ensures a complete licensing project, which may contain an irrigation plan, lighting plan, plantation plan, planimetry/altimetry, sections, technical details, and all the necessary elements to fully perceive the project.