Irrigation Systems

The automated irrigation systems – a set of pipes, electric connections, sprinklers and valves – are presently an indispensable asset in any green space.

As such, the choice of an irrigation system must always consider the watering needs of the gardened areas. Depending on the characteristics of the place and the plants, Sograma always elaborates a preliminary study to understand which solution is more convenient for each situation.

Besides that, our company only works with market leading brands which are duly certified and carry a warranty. With an adequate high quality and well designed irrigation system, costs with water and garden maintenance will surely be reduced.

In terms of irrigation systems, we ensure all inherent services, namely advice (project and dimension, as well as elaboration of map of quantities), installation, repair and tweaking of the system.

Spray or sprinkler irrigation

Spray or sprinkler irrigation is more suitable for large areas, namely watered lawns and meadows. The reason being that with this system a more even irrigation with greater reach can be achieved.

Sprinkler irrigation is technically a process through which water is distributed to plants through sprinklers or water cannons (these devices can be fixed or mobile), and can be influenced by wind.

Micro jet and spray irrigation is similar to sprinkler irrigation, the only difference being the device that spurts out water creates a ‘rain’ effect, meaning the water comes out with less power, similar to a drizzle. Therefore this type of irrigation is used in smaller spaces, where water dispersion can be minimised.

Drip irrigation

Since drip irrigation is localised, slow and of low pressure, it is ideal for areas of plantation and flower beds, having the advantage of the pipes being integrated into the landscape and being affordable in terms of consumption.