Garden structures

Sograma sells all types of garden structures, such as deck floors, pergolas, wood palisades, fences, urban furniture, outdoor lights and even water elements.

These types of structures help create different atmospheres in the garden as well as support terrains or simply to separate different areas.


In both public and private gardens, pergolas are decorative elements often used to create areas of leisure. These areas are ideal spaces for having a meal or simply as a place to relax, chat, read or walk through.

These structures — in wood or metal — may or may not have a glass, sunshade, PVC or reed cover, to better protect the area.

Pergolas in gardens, verandas, or patios are frequently embellished with ivy, creating a cool and pleasant environment.


Palisades consist of tree trunks or wood blocks placed behind vertical stakes previously embedded into the ground. This is a simple way of supporting terrains and avoiding landslides by using natural materials. The use of palisades also allows for gardens to be built in steeper places in a secure and quick way.


To separate different areas and to delimit gardens in a quick and easy way, fences are always an excellent option. Sograma works with several types of materials, like metal, net, wicker and wood, and guarantees the durability of these elements, also ensuring their maintenance whenever required.

The choice of materials for the fences is made based on the surrounding landscape, since the objective is to circumscribe the space in a harmonious way.


Decks are a type of pavement that can be made out of wood or composite, in which one of the advantages is that it maintains the permeability of soils. In terms of wood there are several options, such as roble, bulletwood, teak, pinewood, among others, the difference being colour, durability and price.

On the other hand, composite decks, a mixture of PVC and wood fibres, make the pavement more resistant and unchanged through time, with the advantage of having reduced maintenance costs when compared to wood.

In any area where decking is applied, we may also use pots, sofas, lounge chairs, bean bags, pergolas or water elements. These solutions, besides being functional, help create a calm atmosphere, which is normally what is desired for these resting places.

Urban furniture

Sograma ensures the implementation of urban furniture, personalised or standard, both in public and private gardens. In our catalogue we have small and large bridges, gangways, benches, hedges, tables, flower beds, bins, shelters, pergolas and sheds. All these elements may be ordered in metal, PVC, or wood.

After a preliminary study, our company tries to adjust all these solutions and materials to the climate and surrounding space, creating a balanced, harmonious and functional environment.

Outdoor lights

An aptly illuminated private or public garden not only creates a more attractive landscape during daytime and night-time, but also makes the place safer. Good outdoor lighting, with warm or cold colours, helps create various environments and transforms a garden into a different space.

Sograma works with quality outdoor lights, both in terms of durability and design, and always recommends that they are energy efficient.

Water elements

For private or public gardens, Sograma offers various types of water elements that can be produced in various materials, formats or dimensions. Shaped as a waterfall, fountain or water feature, these solutions convey a more relaxing, cooler, and lighter touch to any green space. It is also possible to introduce aquatic plants to add value to the overall atmosphere.

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