Grass has a leading role in any garden. When looking to create a natural green space, we have three solutions in terms of types of grass: lawn turf (just needs to be laid out for an immediate effect), torpedo grass (takes longer to grow but does not require much maintenance), and grass seed (most affordable solution, however growth is slower).

You may also choose artificial grass of various types, representing excellent value for money, having an immediate effect and with reduced maintenance costs.

Sograma turns every garden into a unique space adapted to its functionality. Our technicians not only guarantee an effective application of the grass but also adequate irrigation systems and a personalised maintenance plan.

Torpedo grass

Torpedo grass is a very resistant species of grass, with reduced maintenance, that enables the client to have a green space that looks well-kept for long periods of time.

Since it is a species that does not need much water and handles well being trampled by animals and people, it is often chosen for public and private gardens with the objective of saving in terms of maintenance.

This type of lawn should be sown in the warmer months to achieve a good coverage of all areas. In the colder months its growth slows down but the lawn is kept green, always guaranteeing a garden in perfect condition.

Lawn turf

Lawn turf is the best solution when the objective is to immediately have a natural green garden. This option has many advantages, including a quick and even application and being very resistant, since the grass already comes with a base of topsoil, which will initially hinder the presence of infesting plants.

Grass seed

Grass seed is often used because it is the most affordable option. This type of grass takes some time to totally cover the area sown, not providing an immediate visual effect. The best sowing period is during the milder months, avoiding the summer peak which may harm the seed’s growth.

Artificial / Synthetic grass

Artificial grass is the right option for spaces — gardens, terraces or green roofs — where there is a desire for the beauty of natural grass, but without the costs and daily efforts that it demands.

From a savings perspective, water consumption and maintenance are reduced since artificial grass does not need water, pesticides, herbicides, compost, machinery and other gardening tools. On the other hand, you also save time, since you do not have to ‘waste’ hours taking care of your grass.

Since several types of artificial grass can be found in the market, you will be able to choose the right one for your needs.


Hydro-sowing is a technique of quick application, affordable and effective when covering any kind of surface with vegetation, on sloped terrains to guarantee the stabilisation of soils, embankments, and areas with large dimensions and of difficult access.

This solution is based on a mixture that is propelled onto a terrain, providing an ideal environment for seed germination and the rapid growth of a dense vegetation cover.

Hydro-sowing is often used in meadows, to stabilise embankments, and in recovering burnt areas.

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