Rock Gardens

A different garden with a bolder design is always an interesting proposition for any public or private green space. Rock gardens, for example, are ideal alternative solutions both for creating seemingly natural landscapes integrated with the surrounding areas, as well as for sloped areas where there is no water and for sloped terrains with weak stability, in which the correct fixation and support of soils must be ensured to prevent landslides..

As such, rock gardens usually consist of indigenous plants, as well as diverse types of rocks (round pebbles, shingles, stones, pebbles of various colours…), bark of pine trees, sand and tree trunks.

Besides not looking like they were built by man, these gardens also have the advantage of reducing maintenance costs, since the plants and trees usually used do not need large quantities of waterágua.

If you wish to have a low maintenance garden you can choose this solution with gravel and shingle. Already considered a trend, for small and large spaces, these types of gardens may include materials such as gravel, sand, shingle, stones, crushed stone and plants such as cacti or grasses with low water requirements. Of these product combinations, colours and shapes, result spaces which are simple, functional, comfortable and pleasant.

See our gallery to see examples of some of rock gardens we’ve ever developed.
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