Vertical gardens

Vertical gardens are an excellent option worth considering to create a pleasant environment in verandas, walls, facades and terraces when the space, indoors and outdoors, is reduced..

Choosing these gardens also contributes to the urban balance, making temperatures in buildings more pleasant — by increasing humidity, creating welcoming and cool environments, thus decreasing energy consumption and increasing the quality of the air —, and with greater thermal insulation.

Should you pick this solution, an evaluation of the conditions of the place where the vertical garden is going to be implemented must be carried out during a first stage to understand the solidity of the wall (as it will support the weight of the structure, plants and irrigation system), dimension, type of solar exposure and surrounding landscape.

Once these points are considered, what follows is the actual selection of the plants, taking into account the temperature (climate, sun and wind) and the volume that the space will take, preferably covering the structure that supports the full plant panel and the integrated automated irrigation system.

For these gardens perennial species with a pendent nature and of different colours and textures are advisable, thus conveying a unique visual effect. Should you not wish for a natural vertical garden, we can always use quality artificial flowers. This way the choice is made based on preference, available time, and the type of space where the vertical garden will be inserted.

See our gallery to see examples of some of the vertical gardens we’ve ever developed.
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